MJ-L Lighting System

Jump Series

Colors Enhanced

Giving your corals that special pop

MJ-L165 One System, Multiple Spectrums

Full-Spectrum with Multi-Phase Color Temperature Technology

With our proprietary technology, the L165 LED lighting system can be easily configured to different color spectrums without sacrificing performance!

Maxspect Jump L165 LED operates at between 95-100%(between 62-65w) of maximum efficiency between color profiles

Other LED Systems sacrifice up to 40% of their performance when adjusting to other color temperature

MJ-L165 Blue SPS AB+ Spectrum Explained

  1. circ a Chlorophyll A requires more deep blue and violet spectrum
  2. circ b Whereas Chlorophyll B requires more blue and cyan spectrum
  3. circ C Both Chlorophyll A and B requires red spectrum

Acropora Nana thriving under the SPs Thrive AB+ spectrum for 6 months.

Accelerated growth rate, healthy polyp extension and enhanced coloration can be observed.

MJ-L165/MJ-L165 Blue Comparison

Syna-G Cloud Smart Aquarium System

The all-new Syna-G Cloud Platform allows you to remote control your LED system around the world*

*Both the LED and mobile device should be connected to the Internet.

Moonlight with Automated Lunar Cycle

Profile Library allows easy access and sharing of setting profiles

Acclimation Schedule for your corals to adapt to the new light

LED Specifications

MJ-L165 LED Chips details

MJ-L165 Blue LED Chips details

PAR Measurement


MJ-L165 Sizes

MJ-L165 Blue Sizes

Model MJ-L165/MJ-L165 Blue
Rate Power 65w
Suit for Tank 30 - 60cm/12" - 24"
(LED Module)
(Stand not included)