Turbine Duo

Innovate Series

Ultra compact design

Small and powerful pump


Sine Wave Technology allows near-silent operation

Utilizing Sine Wave Technology, the Turbine Duo runs almost silently

Complete set of accessories and adaptors

Comes with a complete set of accessories and adaptors, the Turbine Duo can be easily fit to your existing system right out of the box.

Outstanding energy efficiency

The Turbine Duo offers high performance and high flow rate while consuming less energy.

Versatile and multi-purpose

Dual output design makes the Turbine Duo ideal for many different applications, such as using as: return pump, chiller pump, calcium / bio-pellets reactor pump, etc.

Compact Size

While the Turbine Duo is powerful, yet its body is ultra-compact and takes up much less space in your sump.


Water Flow Specifications

Model Max Power Max Flow Flow @1.5m
TD-6K 46W 6500L/H(1717G/H) 4500L/H(1189G/H)
TD-9K 66W 9500L/H(2510G/H) 5800L/H(1532G/H)
TD-12K 110W 11400L/H(3012G/H) 6500L/H(1717G/H)
Model Max Power Max Flow Flow @1.5m
TD-6K 35W 4000L/H(1057G/H) 2500L/H(660G/H)
TD-9K 42W 5000L/H(1321G/H) 3500L/H(925G/H)
TD-12K 90W 6000L/H(1585G/H) 3800L/H(1004G/H)
Model Max Power Max Flow Flow @1.5m
TD-6K 44W 5000L/H(1321G/H) 3000L/H(793G/H)
TD-9K 65W 8500L/H(2245G/H) 5000L/H(1321G/H)
TD-12K 106W 9000L/H(2378G/H) 5500L/H(1453G/H)
Model Max Power Max Flow Flow @1.5m
TD-6K 43W 3700L/H(977G/H) 2800L/H(740G/H)
TD-9K 62W 4500L/H(1189G/H) 3300L/H(872G/H)
TD-12K 98W 5400L/H(1427G/H) 4000L/H(1057G/H)
Model Max Flow Flow @1.5m
TD-6K 6500L/H (1717G/H) 4500L/H (1189G/H)
TD-9K 9500L/H (2510G/H) 5800L/H (1532G/H)
TD-12K 11400L/H (3012G/H) 6500L/H (1717G/H)
Model Max Flow Flow @1.5m
TD-6K 4000L/H (1057G/H) 2500L/H (660G/H)
TD-9K 5000L/H (1321G/H) 3500L/H (925G/H)
TD-12K 6000L/H (1585G/H) 3800L/H (1004G/H)
Model Max Flow Flow @1.5m
TD-6K 5000L/H (1321G/H) 3000L/H (793G/H)
TD-9K 8500L/H (2245G/H) 5000L/H (1321G/H)
TD-12K 9000L/H (2378G/H) 5500L/H (1453G/H)
Model Max Flow Flow @1.5m
TD-6K 3700L/H (977G/H) 2800L/H (740G/H)
TD-9K 4500L/H (1189G/H) 3300L/H (872G/H)
TD-12K 5400L/H (1427G/H) 4000L/H (1057G/H)